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Smart Eye Massager Bluetooth Vibration

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Have you ever used an eye massager before? If you have not, then you are missing out on a very wonderful and luxurious experience. There is nothing more relaxing than the feeling of your eyes being massaged. This product is designed to help increase blood flow to the eyes and to soothe dry, tired, puffy eyes. The device also pulses to help reduce swelling that many people suffer from after long hours of computer use or driving in traffic. It will leave your eyes feeling refreshed and happy within moments of using it. Also equipped with Bluetooth features.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Eva Lubowitz

Good thing

Joshuah Nicolas

Everything is good! Quick delivery! The product fully matches the description and pictures on the website. I recommend the seller!

Marshall Becker

Normally everything works, vibration insulation music warms, plastic is normal, not Dushman, you can take

Eulalia Satterfield

Don’t know if it works. I do like the heating part. It forces you to give your eyes time to rest. The massage function could be improved. I don’t really feel much pressure against certain area. It’s more like the machine massing itself. There are 4 levels of heating. I usually use level 3. The machine would make sound every time you switch it on. Also it doesn’t give you option to continue another circle. It turns it off and then you would have to switch it on with that annoying noise when you turn it on

Maximus Ankunding

I 've been using this cacharrillo for a few days and I'm very happy. I spend many hours stuck to the computer screen and end up with very sore eyes, and with the massager I 've noticed tremendous relief. Recommended